Living with Emacs Lisp

“Don’t just learn Excel, learn VBA.” – darrensharperholdmah

1. Why you should learn Elisp (i.e. Emacs Lisp)

Maybe you don’t have to learn Emacs Lisp right now. You may find that keyboard macros, the Customize facility and Emacs packages help you do most of what you want for now, but there will come a day when you want more.

Some story about Alice. Alice is an amateur programmer who loves Python, but has no experience with Lisp at all. One day, Alice meets a talking rabbit. The rabbit introduces her to Emacs. Alice starts using Emacs for her Python coding. She is even taking notes in Emacs using org-mode. All is well until gradually Alice starts noticing more and more things she doesn’t quite like about her current Emacs/org-mode setup and things that her Emacs configuration doesn’t provide for now. Those things can be divided into three categories:

  1. things that Alice cannot change or implement (even after learning elisp); only the Emacs dev team or the org-mode dev team can.
  2. things that Alice could implement by writing more than a few lines of Emacs Lisp code, if she knew elisp.
  3. things that Alice can change by writing just a few lines of Emacs Lisp code or/and by installing a package.

Alice starts to notice more and more things in the second category, but she is not sure if she is capable of writing a huge amount of Emacs Lisp code, because Emacs Lisp is unlike other languages that she is comfortable with. Emacs Lisp is too different, says Alice. Time has come for Alice to let go of her fear of Lisp. Truth is, anyone who can learn Python is capable of learning Emacs Lisp.

The “Living with Emacs Lisp” series is a collection of articles to help those feeling the same as Alice, to help them become comfortable with Emacs Lisp. Also see Living with Emacs.

2. Living with Emacs Lisp

Here is the list of all articles/topics in “Living with Emacs Lisp” (some of them not written yet):

There will be at least one new article in the series per month. There is no feed you can subscribe to just for “Living with Emacs Lisp” updates, but you can subscribe to the feed for new posts on Emacs and the feed for posts on Lisp which will likely cover all posts in Living with Emacs Lisp.

3. Miscellaneous

some helpful external links that may help you:

4. Miscellaneous 2

Some articles that may help package development

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