Living with Emacs Lisp

Intro: Why you should learn elisp

1. Living with Emacs Lisp

The “Living with Emacs Lisp” series is a collection of articles to help beginners learn elisp. Also see Living with Emacs. Here is the list of all articles/topics in “Living with Emacs Lisp” (some of them not written yet):

There will be at least one new article in the series per month. There is no feed you can subscribe to just for “Living with Emacs Lisp” updates, but you can subscribe to the feed for new posts on Emacs and the feed for posts on Lisp which will likely cover all posts in Living with Emacs Lisp.

2. Miscellaneous

some helpful external links that may help you:

3. Miscellaneous 2

Some articles that may help package development

4. Proof donation

If you find some articles so helpful that you wish to thank me by buying me beer or donate to me, the easiest way is to donate one of the following items via e-mail1 or comment:

  • grammar mistakes: send me one or two biggest grammar mistakes you found in my articles
  • other tips: you can also send some tips regarding how to rewrite some paragraphs in some of my articles in order to make them less confusing or have nicer tone or just better written or anything else.

That is a form of donation because you’d be helping my English for free.



The email address in “About me”

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4 Responses to Living with Emacs Lisp

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  3. go2inf says:

    Thanks! I really enjoy reading your posts about Emacs lisp. I cannot wait to read your next post.

    • Jisang Yoo says:

      I’m glad you like it. There’s been no update for a long time because I have become busy with other things and I’ve been delaying any form of tinkering with Emacs. Maybe I should finish up unpublished drafts that I have saved up.

      Having said that, I want to take this opportunity to say that my articles on elisp should be taken with a grain of salt because they are written by a Lisp beginner, and not just for. So those articles may need help from all feedback they can get and so y’all please feel free to comment on any part that may be misleading or confusing.

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