KAIST wireless Internet access

How to connect to the Internet in KAIST? This post is about things you need to go through before being able to establish a connection from your laptop to wireless internet in KAIST.

1. assumption

You are assumed to be someone just arrived to KAIST and you want use the Internet as soon as possible, but you don’t know how. You are a member of KAIST (student or employee). You have a laptop.

2. ways to use the Internet without your laptop

KAIST has two libraries which have shared computers you can use without logging in. Non-members are allowed to enter the main library during daytime. To enter the library at night, you need to use the card you use to enter the dorm.

If you have any question like “where’s the library” or “where’s the dorm”, “where’s a mosque” “where’s a church” “where’s the nearest McDonald”, look around while in KAIST and find a group of people, approach them, ask.

3. know your identification number

A number is assigned to every member of KAIST. You must know that number before proceeding to the next step. The number is probably written on your card.

4. sign up for KAIST Portal

It will ask you for your identification number. It will let you know if you already have an account in KAIST Portal. You may need to do the sign up on a computer that already has access to the KAIST intranet. I mentioned you can use computers on the libraries.

5. visit KAIST ICT website

https://ict.kaist.ac.kr and https://kvpn.kaist.ac.kr/
You need to visit those websites from a computer that has access to the KAIST intranet. The websites have links to pages or documents that tell you these two things:

  • how to obtain your username and password for the wireless KAIST internet access and KAIST VPN access.
  • how to setup your laptop to access the wireless internet in KAIST once you have the username and password.

Username/password for the wireless Internet access are separate from username/password for KAIST Portal. The latter is required for obtaining the former.

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