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How to choose Emacs Lisp package namespace prefix

1. background Since Emacs Lisp doesn’t provide namespaces yet, Emacs Lisp packages use prefixes as substitute for namespaces. For example, the cl-lib library uses cl as its common prefix for all of its function names (and variable names), the rx … Continue reading

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difference between “a set of” and “the set of”

This may be obvious to some people, but not to some students who signed up for a math lecture in English, in a country that doesn’t speak English. The set of positive integers is the set of all positive integers. … Continue reading

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simple stew for using up canned fish and kimchi

Table of Contents 1. motivation & background 2. how to turn canned fish and kimchi into stew 3. leftover stew 1. motivation & background Someone gave me a large amount of kimchi. I also had a canned fish: mackerel or … Continue reading

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Emacs Lisp lexical binding gotchas and related best practices

Table of Contents 1. motivation 2. non-local variables and closures 3. gotchas and best practices 3.1. code as data 3.2. invasion of special variable 3.3. – – – 3.4. mixing iteration, closures, and asynchronous programming together 4. testing tools 4.1. … Continue reading

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how to enable Unicode encoding, lexical scope, and CL functions in an Emacs Lisp file

Table of Contents 1. how to enable UTF-8 encoding 2. how to enable lexical scope 3. how to use CL functions I recommend Emacs beginners to enable at least three things in their elisp files (such as dotemacs files, a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Living with rainbow-delimiters-mode

Update: more up-to-date version of this article is this link: Small rainbow-delimiters tutorial | Yoo Box 1. Introduction to Rainbow Delimiters Rainbow delimiters mode highlights lisp parentheses of different nesting depth in different colors in Emacs. The Github link and … Continue reading

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