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Using Emacs with Windows 8 touch keyboard

Table of Contents some preliminary some observations the code At the end of this post is some code I use to enter Ctrl, Meta, Shift keys or combinations when I am using Emacs with Windows 8 touch keyboard. As for … Continue reading

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using org-mode export feature to publish to wordpress with math equations

Table of Contents some preliminary search and replace some idea on how to write a math blog post using org-mode, AUCTeX, latex-preview If you are using the latest official version of Emacs and the latest version of org-mode, which is … Continue reading

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Shannon’s entropy of random variables and partitions

Table of Contents 1. entropy for dummies 1.1. definition of entropy of r.v. and joint entropy 1.2. the town 1.3. intuition for entropy and its properties 1.4. intuition for the notion of surprisal 2. intuition for conditional entropy and its … Continue reading

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How to use Unicode in LaTeX (by LuaTeX or XeTeX)

Table of Contents 1. before we begin 2. LuaLaTeX vs XeLaTeX and what are they? 3. first example 4. how to experiment with adjusting font features 5. in summary 6. how to change names 7. some differences with LuaLaTeX The … Continue reading

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when blue rectangle border appears on Windows 8

Table of Contents problem what causes it solution (how to get out of it) 1. description of problem I was working on something on my Windows 8 laptop and suddenly a blue border appeared and followed every window or button … Continue reading

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