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On a documentary film on Orgdot the experiment

What happens when a group of people decide to tackle a social problem, not by voting or charities or anything like that, but by starting a business? I recently saw a documentary film Anxiety (also known with a different title, … Continue reading

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default argument in Python and Lisp

Table of Contents the Python mutable default argument gotcha how to give default arguments in Lisp comparing Lisp and Python the None trick and the nil trick further reading optional reading more on the Python gotcha the gotcha will get … Continue reading

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emacs lisp and static variable

Table of Contents for a toggle function simply using global variables let over lambda optional reading symbol properties This post is part of the Living with Emacs Lisp series and is about the following question. How does one emulate static … Continue reading

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immutable objects and object identity

Table of Contents 1. Meaning of object in Python, Lisp, JavaScript 1.1. in JavaScript 1.2. in Python 1.3. In Common Lisp 1.4. in Emacs Lisp 1.5. value 1.6. JS objects 2. immutable objects and object identity 2.1. what is object … Continue reading

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