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How to associate text file type with Emacs on Ubuntu

Table of Contents 1. background 2. create a new desktop file 3. why use a desktop file 4. On two environment variables EDITOR and VISUAL 1. background MS Windows users might want to see this link instead for how to … Continue reading

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On “Running post-installation trigger update-notifier-common”

I thought I would share how I avoided that message from showing up. I was installing Ubuntu 14.04 into a VirtualBox virtual machine on Windows 8 64-bit. I used Ubuntu 14.04 AMD64 ISO file which is what the Ubuntu download … Continue reading

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how to list emacs package dependencies

Table of Contents 1. how to see one-level dependencies of a package 2. how to programmatically collect the names of all the required packages for a given set of packages For now there is no command or function that recursively … Continue reading

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