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Checking Windows version with Emacs Lisp

elisp code example for programmatically checking the version of Microsoft Windows on which Emacs is running: (when (eq system-type ‘windows-nt) (print “Hello, MS Windows.”) (let ((winversion (when (string-match (rx “nt” (group (+ digit)) “.” (group (+ digit)) “.” (+ digit) … Continue reading

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Small introduction to Hausdorff distance

Table of Contents 1. motivation and intuition 2. coming up with the two definitions of the Hausdorff distance 3. more exercises Update: I realized that parts of this post focus on unimportant small details. Sorry for that, you may skip … Continue reading

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mod 0 equivalence of sub-sigma-algebras and gotchas

Table of Contents 1. closure of a sub-sigma-algebra 2. closed sub sigma algebra 3. mod zero equivalence of sub sigma algebras When we are building some theory involving measures, there are cases where we should ignore null sets (sets of … Continue reading

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