flood zones in Seoul

While looking for a place to live in Seoul, it came to my mind that I should check out which parts of Seoul tend to get flooded and here is what I found. Let’s hope that this post becomes obsolete in future as the local government is taking some measures.

Several news article in 2014 reported that the Seoul government named five special regions to take care of against floods and these are regions near:

  • 강남역
  • 사당역
  • 광화문
  • 도림천
  • 한강로

도림천 (a small river) and 한강로 (a road) can be located as red lines in Naver Map. Locating the rest (강남역, 사당역, 광화문) should be obvious.

A news article in 2013 named top 4 regions that get flooded again and again and these are regions near:

  • 강남역
  • 광화문
  • 안양천
  • 사당역

There is also an interactive map showing the often flooded regions in Seoul, but it requires you to select a district first: 풍수해 정보지도. It can show affected areas in each of the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

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