How to close the sudden Camera app from Windows 8

The readers are assumed to be familiar with names of basic Windows 8 touch gestures (for which, see )

1. introduction

With some Windows 8 tablets (or laptops), you may come across a sudden appearance of the Camera app or the sudden activation of the webcam when you are trying to turn on your laptop (or maybe more precisely, when you are trying to sign in to your PC from the lock screen). Since the screen makes it clear that the webcam is on, you know you have unintentionally launched some Camera app. Surprisingly, the usual ways of closing or exiting the app or switching to other apps does not work. How should one get out of this and get back to the usual lock screen (the log in screen)?

2. how to get out

It is actually quite simple to turn off or deactivate this thing. You simply tap or click Unlock which should be found on the left side of the app commands at the bottom of the screen and you are back to the lock screen.

3. how did I end up there

You usually swipe up on the lock screen to sign in to your PC, but when you swipe down on it instead, that launches the Camera app. This is a useful feature of Windows 8 that you can turn on or off. The Camera app launched in this way seems to show a different interface from the one launched in the usual way. Maybe it is not the same Camera app? I am not sure.

4. how to turn off the feature

This quick access of camera from the lock screen is a useful feature but if you want to turn this feature off for some reason, type the following in Search:

lock screen camera

and by navigating from there, you will arrive at an option that says

Swipe down on the lock screen to use the camera 
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