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js2-mode setup recommendation

Update @ 2013 March: cleaned up deprecated recommendations js2-mode is a JavaScript mode for Emacs with JavaScript parser built-in which allows syntax error detection on the fly and JavaScript refactoring (js2-refactor.el). If you are going to use js2-mode, either install … Continue reading

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using autopair mode in js2-mode

(Update @ 2013 March: This article is now deprecated. With the latest js2-mode from GNU ELPA, autopair works fine with js2-mode without any tweaks. Old js2-mode’s own pairing mode js2-mirror-mode is gone. But now Emacs 24 includes electric-pair-mode which is … Continue reading

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Install and use the mooz fork of js2-mode

Update (2013 March) : Consider this article deprecated. The ELPA version of js2-mode now has features of mooz’s fork. Do M-x list-packages RET and then install js2-mode from there. See my js2-mode setup recommendations. Steve Yegge released a JavaScript mode … Continue reading

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